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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Vitex Rockery Group,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
500523Aeonium sp. CrassulaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
090038 (3 plants)Aloe barberaeTree Aloe AloeaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
500942Aloe sp. AloeaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
521769Aloe sp. AloeaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
521768Anemone x hybrida RanunculaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
830393Asparagus schoberioides LiliaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
503759Calochlaena dubiaRainbow Fern DicksoniaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
502380Centaurea pulcherrima AsteraceaeVitex Rockery Group 
871089Centranthus ruberOld Man's Beard ValerianaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
840112 (2 plants)Cistus creticus subsp. creticus CistaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
840114 (2 plants)Cistus x canescens CistaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
080923Clivia miniata folded polypetalous x folded petals LiliaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
920946 (2 plants)Cordyline rubra AgavaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
916667 (2 plants)Cordyline strictaNarrow-leaved Palm Lily AgavaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
890959Draba daurica BrassicaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
120036 (2 plants)Dudleya anthonyi CrassulaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
885086Gladiolus carneus IridaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
505535Hedera helixEnglish Ivy AraliaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
505547Hedera helixEnglish Ivy AraliaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
521767Iris tectorumWall Iris IridaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
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Location of  Bed / location: Vitex Rockery Group,

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