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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Cycad Collection,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
960544Macrozamia communisBurrawang ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
651032Macrozamia communisBurrawang ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
515338 (4 plants)Macrozamia communisBurrawang ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
507308Macrozamia communisBurrawang ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
522562Macrozamia johnsonii ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
920940 (6 plants)Macrozamia lucida ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
905355Macrozamia miqueliiBurrawang Nut ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
905354 (2 plants)Macrozamia moorei ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
920943Macrozamia mountperriensis ZamiaceaeCycad Collection 
090832 (3 plants)Melaleuca lateritia (dwarf)Robin Redbreast Bush MyrtaceaeCycad Collection 
140717Nolina recurvataPonytail AgavaceaeCycad Collection 
060764Pittosporum angustifoliumWeeping Pittosporum PittosporaceaeCycad Collection 
508979Portulacaria afraElephant Bush PortulacaceaeCycad Collection 
518207Rudbeckia laciniata AsteraceaeCycad Collection 
090485 (2 plants)Scaevola albida 'Mauve Clusters'Pale Fan Flower GoodeniaceaeCycad Collection 
532245Sideritis macrostachyos LamiaceaeCycad Collection 
885490Spiloxene alba LiliaceaeCycad Collection 
080621Templetonia stenophyllaLeafy Templetonia FabaceaeCycad Collection 
990532Xerochrysum bracteatumGolden Everlasting AsteraceaeCycad Collection 
520693Xerochrysum bracteatumGolden Everlasting AsteraceaeCycad Collection 
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Location of  Bed / location: Cycad Collection,

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