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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Rock Wall Group,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
070687 (3 plants)Manfreda longiflora AgavaceaeRock Wall Group 
050709Manfreda sp. AgavaceaeRock Wall Group 
507657Muehlenbeckia complexaMaidenhair Vine PolygonaceaeRock Wall Group 
507658Muehlenbeckia complexaMaidenhair Vine PolygonaceaeRock Wall Group 
507656Muehlenbeckia complexaMaidenhair Vine PolygonaceaeRock Wall Group 
090519Myoporum parvifoliumCreeping Myoporum MyoporaceaeRock Wall Group 
110318 (2 plants)Myoporum parvifoliumCreeping Myoporum MyoporaceaeRock Wall Group 
100374 (2 plants)Ophiopogon jaburan LiliaceaeRock Wall Group 
000497 (5 plants)Pachysandra terminalisJapanese Spurge BuxaceaeRock Wall Group 
091229 (2 plants)Pelargonium echinatumCactus Geranium GeraniaceaeRock Wall Group 
140261 (2 plants)Persoonia chamaepeuceDwarf Geebung ProteaceaeRock Wall Group 
140262 (3 plants)Persoonia daphnoides ProteaceaeRock Wall Group 
891509 (2 plants)Petasites fragransWinter Heliotrope AsteraceaeRock Wall Group 
517252 (3 plants)Plectranthus argentatusSilver Plectranthus LamiaceaeRock Wall Group 
522014 (2 plants)Poa labillardiereiCommon Tussock Grass PoaceaeRock Wall Group 
508872Podocarpus nivalisAlpine Totara PodocarpaceaeRock Wall Group 
517643Pollia crispataPollia CommelinaceaeRock Wall Group 
000612 (5 plants)Polygonatum multiflorumSolomon's Seal LiliaceaeRock Wall Group 
931160Polystichum braunii DryopteridaceaeRock Wall Group 
517959Potentilla indica RosaceaeRock Wall Group 
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Location of  Bed / location: Rock Wall Group,

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